Financial and Economic Prosperity

In Sukyo Mahikari, we study and practise principles of ‘spiritual economics’, with the understanding that even financial and material matters have a spiritual basis.

We find that there can often be spiritual causes for our financial and material circumstances, and there are many positive responses we can take towards improving and resolving these situations.

As people are frequently purified with the Light of God, they become elevated spiritually. Consequently, their material circumstances, including the financial conditions, gradually improve.

Materials are given to humans to sustain our lives. However, they are also for civilisation and the welfare of all humanity to progress.

It is part of our responsibility as human beings to act as caretakers of all life on earth and the environment.

In gratitude for everything that is provided for us in Nature, we make it a practice to recycle materials and to use materials, where practicable, to the end of their useful life.

We also believe in the need for clean and alternative sources of energy, and the desirability of scientific endeavours that fit with universal principles, and that will benefit humankind for future generations.