Holistic Health & Well-being

The art of spiritual purification with the Light of God allows purification of the spirit, mind and body simultaneously.

In this way one can address the cause of problems, whatever their origin.

The Light of God purifies at the deepest level of the soul and uncovers the innermost spiritual potential of human beings.

We face great challenges in order to build a sustainable world of flourishment for all

This purification process then also improves our mental and emotional outlook.

It increases our energy levels and also helps to discharge the accumulated toxic products in our bodies.

This practice is not aimed at healing or curing but, through purifying with God’s Light, all kinds of improvements take place in various aspects of life – such as our health, relationships and even economic and material circumstances.

Ultimately, the timing and degree of these improvements will vary from person to person.

The effectiveness of purification can depend on the frequency of contact with the Light of God, as well as our ability to live our lives in accordance with universal principles.

We find that the most powerful and effective approach for changing our own situation in life is to make efforts in wanting to help others.

We regularly hold three-day courses for visitors to our Centres who are interested in becoming practitioners of the art of spiritual purification with God’s Light.