Sustainable Environment and Agriculture

The quality of human life and the life of all creatures in the realm of nature depends on the health of the environment.

The art of spiritual purification with the Light of God, can help to detoxify the environment, the food we eat, and our physical bodies. Our heart, liver, kidneys and so on, are being overloaded with poisonous substances and God’s Light helps to dissolve and discharge those impurities.

Yoko Farm

Regarding agriculture, the balance of nature is being seriously affected by the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and such things as genetically modified animal and plant species. However, a spiritual approach to agriculture is more than simply not using chemicals.

In Sukyo Mahikari we encourage a spiritual approach to agriculture, referred to as “yoko agriculture”.

We take an approach that is organic and which works to promote biological diversity through the use of biological compost.

However, the most powerful feature of a spiritual approach to agriculture focuses on the Light of God to purify the equipment, the plants, the soil and everything in nature.

The way we maintain our attitudes and use words in relation to nature, gardens and farms is also very influential. Positive attitudes and positive communication with nature seem to promote a healthier interaction and results. Negative attitudes and words have negative effects on plants and produce.

Through practising the yoko agriculture method, we can not only revive the soil and produce more pure food, but we can also revive in ourselves the awareness of our interconnection between God, nature and other human beings.

Yoko Farm in Adelaide

A fundamental teaching of Sukyo Mahikari is that we human beings must live in accordance with the laws of Nature if our world is to flourish and prosper. The fact that we are facing potentially catastrophic events due to climate change, is an urgent reminder of the need for us to change our direction towards a more sustainable future.