What is Sukyo Mahikari?

Kotama Okada established the Mahikari organisation in 1959. In 1978 it became Sukyo Mahikari.

The aim of the organisation is to create a world filled with love and harmony where people will overcome racial, religious and national differences and learn to respect, love and care for one another.

Canberra Sukyo Mahikari Centre

Sukyo Mahikari Centres have been established throughout the world for the public to experience the art of spiritual purification with the Light of God and to introduce the teachings that were given as revelations to the founder, Kotama Okada, by God.

Our Centres are open to everyone, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background.

The spiritual purification sessions range from 10 minutes up to a maximum of 50 minutes. Participants are welcome to offer a donation if they wish.

Sukyo Mahikari course

No appointment is necessary, but for your initial visit, it is advisable to ring to check on the opening hours. Some Centres also operate on a rostered basis from private homes, so please enquire for the most convenient opportunity to experience God’s Light for yourself (see ‘Contact Us‘).

Three-day courses are held for people interested in becoming practitioners and helping others through the art of spiritual purification with God’s Light.