Fulfilment in Work, Studies and Daily Life

How can we lead more fulfilling, meaningful and happy lives?

There are often spiritual causes and influences that contribute to problems in our careers, businesses, workplaces and educational endeavours. Purification with the Light of God can help to identify these spiritual causes and allow us to take steps towards resolving these matters.

The founder of Sukyo Mahikari taught that we are living in an age of fundamental change in the direction of our civilisation.

More and more, people are experiencing that a self-centred approach results in failure. On the contrary, altruism and the desire to help others, to provide a service to others, has become the paradigm that results in success in life.

People and businesses that strive to make the world a better place, to improve the welfare of others and actually make others happier, are reaping the rewards from such an approach.

Whether we look at our work, studies or daily life in general, it is the attitude we take towards life that will determine our overall success and happiness.