Personal Spirituality

The founder of Sukyo Mahikari taught that ultimately, an individual’s spiritual condition and growth is a personal matter. In other words, it is about our relationship with God and others, how we live our lives, how our attitudes are maintained, how we behave, and how we contribute in our life.

Furthermore, our spiritual training in one lifetime is significantly influenced by our experiences from previous lifetimes. Reincarnation is a reality of our human existence, not simply a philosophical idea.

Therefore, the lessons and training in life for one person will always be unique and personal for them and their spiritual circumstances.

The founder taught that the freedom to choose is the one freedom that God has given to human beings.

Spiritual purification through giving and receiving the Light of God results in all kinds of spiritual experiences. One of the beautiful things about this is that such experiences do not depend on a person’s belief or faith in God.

Our spiritual experiences with the Light of God testify to:

  • the existence of God and God’s Light
  • the existence of a spirit realm
  • the reality of reincarnation

The experiences gained from spiritual purification with the Light of God will ultimately verify the truth behind the universal principles that govern and sustain our existence.

Sukyo Mahikari teachings and purification with God’s Light will strengthen and promote each person’s spirituality and spiritual journey.