The Art of Spiritual Purification

God’s Light is the life force of the universe and all creation.

The word Mahikari comes from Japan and literally means “True Light”: “Ma” (True) –  “Hikari” (Light).

Mahikari refers to the Light of God, the Creator of all existence. This Light has been referred to in all kinds of religious teachings down the ages.

God’s Light is the spiritual energy or vibration of God’s wisdom, love and will. It exists throughout the universe and is the fundamental power that creates and sustains life.

In Sukyo Mahikari, we practise the art of spiritual purification (in Japanese – Mahikari no waza), radiating the Light of God from the palm of the hand.

This is fundamentally different from the various healing practices that exist throughout the world. It is a practice of purifying the spiritual, astral and physical realms with the energy and power of the highest God. In the case of human beings our soul is purified and elevated through this practice and consequently, the mental and physical aspects of life also elevate.

Three-day courses are frequently held for people interested in becoming practitioners and helping others through practising the art of spiritual purification with God’s Light.