Religious Harmony

Sukyo Mahikari teaches that, “The origin of all religions is one”.

The understanding behind this, is that there is one Creator God for all people and all religions.

The basic principles that govern the universe and our lives apply to everyone, regardless of faith, lack of belief or ethnicity.

Sukyo Mahikari is not a religion in the traditional sense. We have members who are Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, and followers of other faiths. Some members have no particular organised religious affiliation at all. Everyone is free to practise their chosen customs and rituals, and to follow their particular scriptures, holy books and texts.

As people are purified, and as they purify others with the Light of God, they are able to deepen their understanding, appreciation and practice of their particular faith.

Where people have no particular religious faith, through purifying with God’s Light, they can discover the existence of God through their own experience.

God’s Light illuminates and clarifies that the source and core of religious teaching is one. There needs to be respect between religions that rises above ideological differences.